What is the purpose of nano-ceramic paint protection?

We offer the application of a permanent nano-ceramic layer as an ideal combination of excellent body protection, long-term gloss retention and also simple paint maintenance. The applied nano layers are chemically bonded to the car’s paint and thus provide ideal protection against scratches, the effects of chemicals, UV radiation, air humidity, airborne rust and thus guarantee the overall durability of the car’s surface. The nano surface also protects the car’s paintwork against mechanical damage during normal use – brush washing in the car wash and hand washing, thus reducing the risk of scratches. It also keeps the car’s shine and original color shade for a long time, which is protected from environmental influences.

Depending on the number of layers applied, the car can protect for up to 5 years.

Who is the product for?

Ceramic paint protection is designed for all types and ages of cars. Before each application, we wash your car in detail, degrease the body, then polish the paint and only then is the car ready for spraying nano layers. Each individual layer must harden and we can apply another. We can say that we protect new cars in advance and guarantee their color fastness and “wake up” older cars to their ancient splendor…

Price list

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  • preparing the car before sale
  • manual body polishing
  • painting body parts
  • repair of small dimples and dents
  • leather upholstery repair
  • steering wheel renovation

* Prices according to individual assignment and scope of work.


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